I’m David Rydlenik, and I have been involved in Network Marketing/MLM since June 30, 2008.  My first network marketing company I joined was the ACN MLM company.  My second was Team Beachbody in March 2009.  The reason why I am making a Team Beachbody VS ACN comparison is because these are the staples in my network marketing experiences and I have a lot of fond memories of both in which I can draw upon.  That being said, I have negatives from which I can draw from as well.  The entire purpose of my Team Beachbody VS ACN comparison here is to share my story, educate you on my experiences, frustrations, successes and failures, and give you a conclusion on which you can draw upon if you have been wondering which MLM you should join.

Team Beachbody VS ACN – Wait…I was using the product of an MLM company?!

My journey in network marketing actually began before I started in network marketing! 5 and a half  years ago, when I was at home one night, I was sitting on the couch after having gone to see a jazz concert.  I was going to school near NYC at the time, but I was in my home town for the concert that weekend.  My dad had passed away just a year before that, and things in life were kind of topsy-turvy.  I had been trying to make the best of my life, realizing life is shorter than I had originally thought.  (I learned that diabetes and high blood pressure were inherent on my dad’s side, and high cholesterol and prostate cancer came from my mom’s side.)

That night, an informercial came on for a 90 day home fitness program called P90X from a company called Beachbody.  I told my mom that I wanted that for my birthday, so she ordered it for me.  I was very much overweight, and my nutrition was getting better but it was still quite poor.  I won’t go into how bad it was.

I got the exercise program in the mail, and it looked to hard, so I ordered something easier from the same company.  That is when my journey to bettering myself started. I must have lost about 25 pounds of fat in 3 months, maybe more.  That was at the beginning of May 2008.

Here’s the thing…Beachbody was, at that point, in it’s infancy in network marketing.  While the company was established in 1998, they opened the doors to customers to become independent representatives of Beachbody, called “Team Beachbody Coaches”, in 2007.  At this point, I was not in network marketing, but I was buying the products from an MLM company!  Had I known that Beachbody had an MLM opportunity attached to it, I would have joined on the spot as soon as I had finished my 90 days with Power 90.  Alas, I didn’t find out until March 2009.

Team Beachbody VS ACN – My network marketing education began with ACN

I continued to do other fitness programs from Beachbody, and then I was introduced to ACN in the middle of June 2008. A fellow marching bandmate asked me this question: “Do you want to make money above and beyond what you currently do?”  Of course, I said “YES!” and I was then invited to a hotel meeting where I saw the presentation.

After I saw the ACN presentation, I was skeptical but interested.  A week later, our ACN SVP Danny V told his story, which had me SOLD.  I gathered up the $499  start up fee for ACN so I could join.  At the time, I was a close-to-broke college student, and I had to borrow money from my mom and I had withdraw all of my savings from my bank account to do join (obviously, I had less that $500 in the bank at the time). On June 30 I signed up into ACN.  After that, I signed up one rep 2 weeks later, and she signed up one shortly thereafter.

However, I was involved in teaching music, performing in community theatre every single night, and doing about 8 other things so I became one of those people that just disappears.  I had no time to go to the training (at that time they were on Wednesday nights) because the rehearsals for my shows were every night.  Some nights, our rehearsals lasted 5 hours each.  So, talk about lack of time!!!

I didn’t understand the concept of a PBR (Private Business Reception) because I was not introduced to ACN at one.  I saw it at a Wednesday night presentation for 2nd lookers at the hotel meeting.  That is why I didn’t have a PBR right away myself; I wasn’t introduced that way, so why do one myself??

I did, however, go to the 3 day event for ACN in Detroit that September, hoping I could grow the biz while at college.  At the conference, I learned quite a bit, but it was also overwhelming.

MEANWHILE, this whole time I was still making sure I was exercising using the Beachbody workouts I had purchased 6 days a week.  I had definitely changed my physique from the various Beachbody programs I was doing.

I was still getting on the training calls for ACN, and still trying to plug in, but a lot of college students aren’t business savvy, especially at an arts school.  They’re more into eating green and saving trees, not spending $499 on a biz opp, but I still managed to sign up one friend (a jazz major like me) in February, 2009.  That is when I finally hit Executive Team Trainer in ACN (an ACN ETT)–so over 7 months later.

And then I was introduced to the Team Beachbody Network Marketing Opportunity.

Just before spring break that year in March 2009, I found out that one of the students at the school also did Beachbody workouts! I connected with her, and she told me that I could make money with Beachbody.  I signed up through her as a Coach ON THE SPOT, and it was EASY to do so, since  it was $39.95 to join, and in my mind it was quite cheap compared to the $499 I had to throw down for ACN!!


During spring break, I contacted my ACN mentor (she made Team Coordinator in 6 months), and she trained me. I met with her every single day that week. I grew a lot during that time, and at the end of the week I signed up a few more people thru a PBR. Then at the end of the week we all watched ACN on the Celebrity Apprentice, and then I went back to school. I started thinking I could use the internet to promote ACN, but I was doing it all wrong. I was still a newbie, not even in ACN for a year! I didn’t understand certain things, and I just ended up spamming people.


Somewhere along the way, I started doing customer acquisition with ACN but I had no idea how to sell. They only taught me how to ask people for favors. And it seemed like people in my neighbourhood didn’t want to do any for me, nor did all of my broke college friends who’s parents all payed their bills.


MEANWHILE at the same time, I was acquiring customers to buy Beachbody programs off of my website like CRAZY, because they knew the company name thru Infomercials and they saw my results. I hardly spent time doing it, and I was making more doing that than I was in ACN at the time, AND I was trying to do ACN, piquing people and having PBR’s constantly.


That summer I went to the June Conference. I was FIRED UP!! I signed up a good number of people into ACN, and then went back to school again. I had more success with ACN after that, and I went to the conference in September in Detroit again. I missed school to go to it, and I would travel 3 hours every weekend to go to the Friday night leadership and Saturday morning BOM’s (moved from Wednesday). But all of it stopped around August of this year. Meanwhile I started signing up coaches into Beachbody with little effort because of my results with the workouts, and because the company is well known, with very little stigma.


It seemed like only a few others and myself were really trying to work ACN in my area. I was having PBRs and I was inviting 2nd lookers and people I had piqued to our area training. My mentor switched companies in October, and Albany fell apart.


That, in a nutshell, is my ACN story. In all, I made a total of $10.98 that’s ten dollars and 98 cents….) in residual income this past September with ACN. I made no bonus money. I signed up an average of 2 people a month, and at that time you needed 3 people to get 5 points to make anything. And my people were slow on the uptake it seems in scheduling their own PBRs. It felt like managing people, and ACN felt like a job where I never was rewarded monetarily.


BUT, I spent HOURS reading material for personal growth. I watched leadership videos, and listened to a lot of audio. So the $499 was worth the personal growth. I made a lot of great friends too! But the $40 investment in Beachbody changed my health, and is changing the health of others. And I have made quite a lot in Beachbody. In fact, because of their infomercials, the company actually GIVES me paying customers, who also may become coaches.


I also realized that in ACN, I need 3 legs to be ETL, TC and 3 Star RVP. I need 6 legs to be SVP.

In Beachbody, I need 1 left, and 1 right. Binary. Cycling bonuses. Personal enrollment bonuses (didn’t have those in ACN) and I get to dip in the bonus pools.


That is my story in 35 minutes of typing or less.


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